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Covid-19 notice

For nearly 60 years, Esalen has welcomed guests to the picturesque Big Sur coastline. COVID-19 safety measures require us to adapt our hospitality — but while our operations will look and feel different, our dedication to exploring and realizing human potential remains the same.

The safety and protection of our guests, faculty and staff is of utmost importance as we all move forward together. This will be a time of calm, far fewer people, private baths overlooking the glorious Pacific Ocean, and open grounds to safely enjoy walks, picnics, games, exercise, and the sublime sunsets.

What Is Esalen Healing Arts?

With a legacy of providing personal growth offerings for our guests and  creating some of the world’s best body therapies. Esalen Healing Arts, supports and furthers the mission of Esalen Institute by expanding upon ways people across the world can access and experience the unique and growing array of educational programs, professional services and transformative experiences.  

Healing Arts Evolved

Esalen has blended consciousness, somatics, and human potential for almost 60 years. Sitting on the cliffs of Big Sur California, Esalen’s vision to evolve and nurture the values and potentialities of humanity has given birth and wings to innovations in transformative and healing modalities.

There is nothing typical or conventional about how Esalen has approached the wellness landscape, rather it has continued to reach into the future and collaborate with thought leaders and innovators to meet the needs of an evolving humanity.

Rather than seeking experts and authorities to work on us, Esalen Healing Arts’s approach is about working with each other as human beings, meeting in the present moment, listening, loving and responding to what emerges naturally.

Transformation through Wellness

We provide an array of education programs and activities to promote a rapid evolution towards a more aware and conscious world. Deeply rooted in nature and profoundly connected to spirit.

At Esalen we value...
  • Working With
, Not On
  • Presence Based Awareness
  • Self Regulation
  • Applied Technique
Why Esalen Healing Arts?

Esalen is the leading center for human development. We have been training leaders from all walks of life in holistic approaches to health, wellness and personal transformation for more than 50 years.